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Civilization has really dealt a great blow to the cultural heritage of man. The activities of the modern man have sent several elements which once defined us into extinction. We now live in a world where our cultural values are becoming more and more scarce as we keep moving deeper into being civilized and a time is coming where what we now hold in high esteem as culture will go extinct and all we would have left will be nothing but memories and stories passed down from generations to generations.

In order to save the dying cultural ways of dressing, we at Rep My DNA have decided to have a collection of some culture themed clothing that will help in preaching the message of peace and preservation. We have noticed that quite a good number of people are no longer interested in dressing the way our cultures prescribe.

Rep My DNA believes that by promoting our cultural heritage, our differences in race and religious values will be settled and we would also learn to tolerate each other. 

Fun Facts about Fashion in Haiti

Haiti is one destination known for its beaches. This is one place almost everyone would love to visit for a holiday. The people of Haiti have a high fashion taste. This is one of the best and rich cultural heritage you can come across in the world. The dressing is so unique and wonderful that you just can’t take your eyes off them. Here are some fun facts about Haitian clothing we bet you never knew;

  • Haitians make their own clothing by sewing up pieces of lightweight denim or cotton materials.
  • The shoes used by some Haitians are made out of old tires and other available materials.
  • The linen shirt jacket is used as a formal, wedding and dance clothe by Haitian men.
  • Most of the Haitian clothes are Western-themed and are very comfortable. They are mostly made from linen and cotton fabrics.
  • Haitian women wear embroidered blouses which are short sleeved and match it with a colorful skirt and scarf which is wrapped around the hair.
  • All Haitian clothing is created to be modest in appearance.
  • The men wear short sleeved shirts and trousers.
  • Sandals are used as the most popular footwear in Haiti.
  • Gold jewelry is used to depict social status and class.

Why Purchase our Haitian Themed T-Shirts

Here are some reasons we believe you should purchase our Haitian themed T-shirts.

  1. They are comfy: the shirts are made from 100% cotton which makes them very comfortable to be worn in all weathers.
  2. They are affordable: All our Haitian themed shirts are affordable to all members of the society. Kindly visit our site for a list of our prices.
  3. They come in different designs to suit your taste: You can order for a custom-made Haitian themed shirt from us.

Kindly contact us for more information concerning the fashion culture in Haiti. You can also channel your questions to our 24/7 customer care support. We will be glad to hear from you.



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